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  4. Hooray for being one of those people who got hotter AFTER high school.

  5. Originally took this picture to use for an anatomy drawing but I ended up keeping it after I was done with the rest. I love my shape and this picture really shows it off. :3

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    Gordon’s special dinner by Hannibal Lecter. Inspired by this funny post.

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    An Eye for an Eye


  9. "32,975"

    That’s the number of arrest warrants issued in Ferguson last year for nonviolent crimes. Compare that to the population of 21,135 people.

    Ferguson is making bank off its own citizens

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  10. Not ALL Social Justice Warriors.

    I can’t take it. I need to say this and its not going to be a particularly popular opinion but here we go.

     I come to Tumblr and I don’t just see the vitriol but I see endless cheers and pats on the back. Hooray! You were cruel and kept repeating your point without considering the other side, at all! Your integrity remains unscathed! 

    Some folks will disagree with you, some folks will agree with you on some points but not others, some will even honestly disagree. Demonizing everyone outside of your circle jerk will only serve to delay the changes in the world you want to see. Consider working with others even if they only agree with you on some points. Every extra set of hands will get you that much closer to tangible change. Hate whats going on in Ferguson? Join your “Black people are being oppressed” team with the libertarian “We’re all being oppressed team”. Work together to call your congressmen to demand the demilitarization of our police force. Boom, thats someone on the far opposite side of the political spectrum who shares enough of your beliefs that together you might be able to DO SOMETHING other than “spreading awareness” to your followers.  Hell, consider listening to someone’s opinion that you disagree with and NOT lashing out.

    You need men, you need white folk, you need people who support Palestine and people who support Israel. Its not because they’re better or more powerful or “more right”. Its because you can’t change the world on your own and you certainly can’t hope to do it all from behind a computer screen.

    But beyond your causes, on a personal level I have a plea for you. Talk to people you disagree with and remember that they are human as well. Rarely are people sitting around wondering how to better oppress you. They have their own perspective which leads to different values and virtues. Talk to your republican grandfather, ask him why his gun makes him feel safe. Try to listen to a fiscal conservative, truly listen and not just plan your rebuttal. I know its hard but you’ll change more minds and affect the world more when you  interact like a civil adult. Nobody likes being shouted down, name calling and capslock will change exactly nobody’s mind. I know righteous indignation feeeels good but at the end of the day, does it really do any good?

    Good luck, kids. We’ll all hope that this world makes it the best version of itself (whatever that means to either of us.)